SEATTLE, WA (PRWEB) /SEPTEMBER 30, 2016/- PTO Exchange, the leading portable benefits provider for employees, today announced the first-ever SaaS solution that allows employees to convert unused paid time off (PTO) into tangible goods and services. Paid leave is the most prevalent employee benefit in the private sector (according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics), and yet more than 429 million days go unused every year , amounting to $84 billion in lost earnings.

The PTO Exchange platform allows employees to convert unused paid vacation time into tangible goods and services that matter most to them—from vacations and retirement funding to student loans and charitable donations, and even transferring the time to a colleague in need. Further, today PTO Exchange announced a partnership with Priceline™ to allow employees to purchase airfare and hotels through the PTO Exchange platform. For those seeking to make charitable contributions, employees can donate to their choice of more than 1.2 million nonprofits in the PTO Exchange network.

“We developed PTO Exchange to help employees and employers redefine an earned benefit that is under utilized. We help salvage billions of dollars each year by allowing people to self-direct how they use their earned PTO benefits."  - Rob Whalen, co-founder and CEO of PTO Exchange.
“We are also driving the next frontier of employee engagement through personalized portable benefits. Our platform will enable employers to offer a superior benefits package that effectively retains their talent base while managing their budgets.

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About PTO Exchange
PTO Exchange empowers employees to personalize their workplace benefits. For the first time ever, employees have the opportunity to convert unused paid time off into tangible goods and services including vacations, retirement funding, student loans and charitable donations. Partnerships with Priceline and more than 1.2 nonprofits help power these options. PTO Exchange has a customizable dashboard and policy engine that will integrate with ADP, Paychex, Intuit, Gusto, Kronos, Workday, SAP and many more. For more information, visit