Thoughts by Rob Whalen –

As an employee you should think about how the company you work for is going to pay for the time you have accrued, especially when you get laid off or quit.
If you have “unlimited vacation” you won’t get anything when you leave or you are fired.  A hard reality for those that are living paycheck to paycheck.  
When you are interviewing at a new company you should always ask “do you accrue your paid time off?"
If they don’t accrue, I would continue looking for another employer. If the company you are working for or are interviewing with doesn’t care enough to accrue or track your time and productivity, that means they are lazy and they really don’t care about their employees–they just care about the bottom line.
You need to find a company that does care and is not worried about doing the hard things, because the hard things – as we all know – are usually the right things to do for your employees.  

Article in reference: Why Does It Take A Crisis to Address PTO Policies?