SEATTLE, WA (PRWEB) /JUNE 14, 2017/- PTO Exchange, the company redefining paid time off, has been named a 2017 Cool Vendor by Gartner in Human Capital Management. We believe this sought-after distinction adds to the company’s momentum in transforming the paid-leave benefit for both employers and employees, giving everyone a better benefit.

According to the report, “The theme of this year’s Cool Vendors in HCM is the ‘future of experience.’ Specifically in this research, we look at five tools that are exploiting data-driven technology to support an increase in engagement and deliver improved experience for employees and candidates. Overall, these will drive better alignment with strategic HR objectives for talent management, administrative HR and workforce management.”

Rob Whalen, co-founder of PTO Exchange, said, “It is a great honor to be recognized as an innovative and impactful company by Gartner. We feel it confirms our mission to redefine paid leave. Today PTO Exchange is giving employers and employees a better paid-leave benefit and creating the platform for portable benefits in the future. We help employers save money and engage employees to utilize their accrued leave by allowing them to self-direct their unused earned PTO benefit in new ways.”

Paid leave is the second most prevalent employee benefit, and yet more than 400 million days go unused every year, resulting in over $80 billion lost by employees. Now, instead of losing the value of lost or unused paid time off, employees can self-direct it in ways that benefit them—from travel and charity to healthcare and retirement funding. Company policy can also be tailored on the platform to incentivize behavior, such as ensuring employees take enough time for vacation.

Employers benefit by:

  • Attracting and retaining employees of all generations through individualized PTO benefits
  • Increasing employee satisfaction and engagement, while enabling cost savings
  • Supporting company culture through incentivizing employee behavior
  • Better enforcement of leave time through policy engine

Employees experience:

  • Ability to afford a vacation through Priceline™ partnership
  • Ability to deposit unused PTO into under-funded 401(k), Health Savings Accounts, or to pay down student loans
  • Share time with other employees in need or give to 1.2 million non-profits via the PTO Exchange platform

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About PTO Exchange
PTO Exchange empowers employees to personalize their workplace benefits. For the first time ever, employees can convert unused paid time off into tangible goods and services, including vacations, retirement funding, student loans and charitable donations.

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